Which Profession to choose in Harry Potter Wizards Unite

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Professions in Wizards Unite adds a unique element to the game. There are three professions, each with their own abilities and traits. Additionally, each is naturally effective against a certain type of Foe. Unique to Wizards Unite, each profession can be changed when outside of combat, allowing any player to decide their roles in anything that might take a group of Wizards to subdue! 

Pro-tip: Each Profession has their own experience pool and Skill Trees. If you play with a group of friends, it may be ideal for everyone to focus on a particular Profession to maximize everyone's potential!


Aurors are combat veterans who defeat Foes by combining their innate leadership with a littany of debilitating spells. Aurors are most effective against Dark Forces. 

Aurors are the DPS class in Wizards Unite, providing the primary firepower in any team. 

Fun facts:

Aurors are the defenders of dark magic and uphold the laws in the Wizarding world. Prepared to lay down their lives to protect the innocent, they are the last line of defense in the case of the Dark Arts. 

The following characters from the Harry Potter universe are examples of Aurors: 

  • Harry Potter 
  • Theseus Scamander 
  • Theodard Fontaine 
  • Charity Wilkinson 


Trained in the care and preservation of magical creatures, in combat Magizoologists focus on healing and helping their Teammates. Magizoologists are most effective against Beasts. 

Magizoologists are the healers in Wizards Unite, keeping a team alive long enough to subdue any Foe. 

Fun facts

Magizoologists are wizards who are involved in the study of magical creatures and can range from a wide variety of tasks or roles. There are a number of specialized professions within magizoology, such as Dragonology - Charlie Weasley from the Harry Potter series is an example of someone who was a Dragonlogist! 

The following characters from the Harry Potter universe are examples of Magizoologists: 


Professors are highly adept spellcasters who use their deep magical knowledge to debilitate Foes while also supporting their Teammates. Professors are most effective against Curiosities. 

Professors are primarily support classes, who can provide all sorts of buff and debuff effects to allies and enemies alike! They help turn the tide in the party's favor.

Fun facts

The following characters from the Harry Potter universe are examples of Professors: 

  • Albus Dumbledore 
  • Minerva McGonagall 
  • Remus Lupin

The four original founders of Hogwarts: 

  • Godric Gryffindor 
  • Salazar Slytherin 
  • Rowena Ravenclaw 
  • Helga Hufflepuff

Skill Trees

Each Profession has a skill tree that similar to many other RPGs, has different nodes and tiers of unlockable abilities. These abilities unlock as you progress in Profession level and require materials as well - Spell Books and Scrolls. 

Lessons are passive abilities, and provide innate benefits against certain Foes or while under certain conditionals. 

Meanwhile, Spells can be unlocked.