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Where do I download Wizards Unite?


For aspiring witches and wizards who haven’t played Pokemon GO before, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite might seem a bit daunting. This guide will be covering the basics of the game, from teaching you the different UI elements to helping you get a grasp on the different elements of the game.

Whilst there is a tutorial featured at the start of the game, and every now and again an occasional help pop-up, they don’t always do a good job at explaining the different features in-depth.

This guide is meant to help new wizards and witches get oriented with the features and interface of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite.

Ministry ID

Every Player in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite gets their own personalized Ministry ID which can be accessed by clicking the Player icon in the bottom-left corner of the Overworld Map.

From here, Players are able to customize the Ministry ID, and access information such as their Hogwarts House, Wand, Wizarding Achievements, Titles, and Name.

Hogwarts House: You can select from the four different Hogwarts Houses, which change the emblem on your Ministry ID, and also the color of your character on the Overworld Map. This setting is purely cosmetic, and can be changed at any time.

Titles: You can choose up to three titles to display on your Ministry ID, and they seem to act as a form of unlockable achievement. You can change the chosen titles at any time.

Name: Your name is separate from your codename; it can be changed at any time and isn’t viewable by other Players.

Wizarding Achievements: You can select up to 5 different badges to showcase your Wizarding Achievements on your Ministry ID. There are also lifetime achievements that track different stats in-game, such as total Foundables collected.

Wand: You can choose and change your wand in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite at any time. Currently, all wand options are cosmetic and don’t actually change gameplay.

Portrait: Players can upload selfies, and apply a wide range of different stickers and filters to their photos. It is unknown if they will be public.

The Professions settings can also be opened by the Ministry ID. More information about Professions can be found in the “Leveling and Profession Tips” section of this guide.

Overworld Map

Similar to other GPS-based mobile games, like Jurassic World Alive or Pokemon GO, the majority of your time will be spent on the game’s overworld map. The map UI is similar to Niantic’s other game, Pokemon GO, and is pretty intuitive. You will show up on the map as a character in robes and a wizard’s hat, the color depending on your Hogwarts House.

There are five different interactable objects on the overworld map:


Foundables are interactable events caused by the Calamity. The term itself refers to different objects, people or even memories within the Harry Potter universe that are stuck in the wrong place/time because of a piece of chaotic magic known as a Confoundable. They come under many different categories, and it is your job to send them back - send back enough and you also get a sticker!


Ingredients are found all over the map, and can be influenced by the time of day or weather. Interact with them to pick them up and place them in your inventory! They are used to brew Potions, and you can find a list of them here.


Fortresses are dungeons which require multiple steps to fully clear. You’ll take on Wizarding Challenges, battling foes either solo, or with friends. To enter a fortress you must use a runestone, the quality of which determines the Foundable fragments that can be obtained in the Fortress and the amount of XP that can be received.



Inns are locations found in game that function similarly to Pokestops, in that they replenish valuable resources. Players visit them to restore spell energy, which is used for casting spells. You can also place down items called Dark Detectors at Inns, which then act as lures for Foundables.



Greenhouses are another type of location that are placed around the overworld map at points of interest. Players go through a little mini-game of pulling out a plant to receive ingredients, and if you’re lucky - spell energy!


From the overworld map you can also access the Daily Tasks and Login bonuses, your Ministry ID, the Suitcase menu, and information on the weather/time in-game.

Dark Detectors

Dark Detectors are Harry Potter: Wizards Unite’s equivalent to the lure modules from Pokemon GO, and can be earned pretty frequently as a reward for leveling up and logging into the game. They serve to increase the spawn rate of Foundables nearby. Dark Detectors last for 30 minutes, and can also be stacked up to three times to amplify the effect. The Inn pictured above shows what it looks like when a single Dark Detector is active.

The Suitcase (Main Menu)

The Suitcase is the name given to the main menu, and it’s pretty self explanatory. You can access it by clicking the middle button on the overworld map interface. From here you can see your Player Level, current/total XP, and then access other menus like the Registry, Portkeys, and Professions. You can also access the settings in the top left, and the premium shop in the top right.


The Registry is Wizards Unite’s version of the Pokédex. As you encounter Foundables, as well as complete content like Wizarding Challenges, or progress through the main story, you will collect stickers which can be placed on the different pages in the registry.

Registry Screen

The registry is split up into categories, which are themed. For example, you have the ‘Magizoology’ section, which has stickers for creatures such as the niffler and erumpet. Every category also has its own rank, which is a leveling/experience system separate from the Player level.

Every time you rank up a category in the registry, you’ll receive a treasure trunk which gives you rewards. If you completely fill a page with all the stickers, you can use the prestige function to reset the page for XP and in turn, rewards. This also means you need to collect more pieces for a Foundable to place the sticker down on the page again.

Taking Photos

Although the feature isn’t implemented for all Foundables, if you’ve collected a sticker and placed it into your registry, you can check if it has a camera icon. If so, that means you can place it in the real world through augmented reality, as well as resize the Foundable, to take a photo.


Here we have what for some wizards and witches will surely be the highlight of the game - vanquishing foes with your magical prowess! Combat in Wizards Unite is fairly simple to grasp. It is split into three phases: aiming your wand, attacking, and defending from an enemy attack.

Aiming Your Wand

To aim your wand, you have to align your circle with the circle on the enemy’s body. You also must keep it there until the circle completely charges. It’s harder than it looks, as some foes are extremely agile.

Attacking Phase

If you’re successful at aiming your wand, you get a chance to attack the enemy. You don’t currently choose which spell to cast, as the game pre-determines the spell for you. You simply trace the spell that shows up on your screen. You can also activate Potions to boost damage, or health Potions to regain stamina.

Defending Phase

The final phase is the defense phase. This can occur if you fail at aiming your wand in time (in which case the attacking phase is skipped), or after you have your turn attacking. If an enemy is attacking, you will need to cast Protego to defend yourself, which is done by tracing a simple, straight line. Keep in mind though, this doesn’t completely nullify damage, and enemies can attack multiple times.

Support Spells

During Wizarding Challenges, before a battle starts you have the option to cast a support spell to help out your team, or to cast hexes/charms on enemies. These abilities differ between professions, and aren’t usable during battles against Oddities.

These spells use up “focus”, and every character has an initial focus (what they start the wizarding challenge with), and a max focus stat, which determines how much they can gain throughout the Fortress. To use one of these spells, you simply just drag + drop the spell from the selection menu before a battle.

Combat Locations

There are currently two ways to engage in combat in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. Players can battle foes in Fortresses, as part of Wizarding Challenges, or by clicking on Oddities on the overworld map.

  • Fortresses
    Fortresses are typically where you’ll experience the most combat because of Wizarding Challenges. Before actually battling a foe in a Fortress, you have the chance to cast a support spell, like a charm or a hex on an enemy providing a debuff beforehand.

  • Oddities
    Oddities spawn on the overworld map under specific conditions, usually at night time. You engage in battle against them, and also unlock stickers to place in the registry, similar to a Foundable. Unlike Fortresses, you can’t cast a hex or a curse on the enemies beforehand.


When you encounter a Foundable, you will need to cast a spell to stop the Confoundable keeping it trapped, and send it back to its rightful place. To cast spells, you need to trace the pattern on the screen, and the quality of the cast is determined by both accuracy and speed.

Foundables can range from beasts, to objects to even memories or different scenarios and events that play out in the Wizarding World movies. Every Foundable also has a threat level, which determines the difficulty.

Keep in mind, as you level up in Wizards Unite, you get a bonus which lowers the difficulty of Foundable encounters, and you can also use certain Potions (such as the Exstimulo Potion) to help with spell tracing.

If you save a Foundable enough times, you will collect enough pieces required to place stickers in the registry.

Potions and Ingredients

Potions are a type of consumable in-game which can be given as a reward for tasks, or levelling up. They can also be made by Players using the brewing system in-game. Potions have a wide variety of uses, ranging from experience boosters, to health Potions for combat, and boosting combat effectiveness. You can view your Potions in the Vault tab of the Suitcase menu.

You can find the cauldron to brew Potions in the Suitcase menu at the button labeled “Potions”. You can brew up to 4 Potions at once, and there’s also a “Master Notes” system which lets you manually input controls to lessen the time for a Potion to brew.

You can find a list and more about Potions here.

Portkeys and Portmanteaus

The Portkey and Portmanteau system is pretty similar to eggs and incubators in Pokemon GO. You either use golden (unlimited) or silver (one-time) use keys to open Portmanteaus. From there, you must walk a certain distance to obtain a Portkey from the Portmanteau.

You place Portkeys on the ground using augmented reality (although ARKit/Core is not required and can be turned off), and the Portkey will “transport” you to iconic locations in the Wizarding World! When you’re there you tap wrackspurts that show up on the screen, which give you rewards.

You can read more about the Portkey system here.


Harry Potter: Wizards Unite features dailies, which come in two forms: quests (Daily Tasks) and login bonuses. Every day you receive 7 Daily Tasks which give you different rewards, ranging from EXP to ingredients. They reset every day at midnight, and the objectives don’t change. You can get a bonus of gold for completing all tasks, as well.

There are also daily login rewards which change every month, so make sure you log in to Wizards Unite every day. Currently, the rewards can range from scroll books to experience.

Daily Tasks and Rewards
Example Daily Task Objectives Example Rewards
Complete All Daily Tasks 8 Coins
Return 10 Foundables 1 Exstimulo Potion
Collect from 2 Inns 250 XP
Pick up 1 Ingredient or Portmanteau 10 Spell Energy
Brew 1 Potion 4 Scrolls
Use 1 Potion 250 XP
Walk 0.25 Kilometers 1 Abraxan Hair
Complete 1 Wizarding Challenge 2 Coins


Events in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite don't seem too different from Pokemon GO's Mythical Quests; they are timed events, which have you completing different tasks for rewards before moving on to the next step of the quest.

So far, the events have added in 'Brilliance Foundables', which are somewhat comparable to Shiny Pokemon. They are unique and limited time only (thus far), and they get their own special event page in the Registry.

You can see an example of the game's first event from the Beta here.

Leveling and Profession Tips


As you progress through the game, you’ll gain XP, and upon reaching a threshold of required XP, you will level up. You can gain XP from doing Foundables, clearing Wizarding Challenges, as part of the Daily Task system, or even for just logging in!

When you level up, you gain rewards such as keys for opening Portmanteaus, Dark Detectors for inns, or even coins. Higher levels also provide a boost which lowers the difficulty of Foundables.

You can also brew experience boosting Potions, such as Baruffio’s Brain Elixir, which doubles XP gain from traces and Portkeys. The current max level in the game is 60, and upon reaching level 6 you unlock the profession system.


The Profession system is very similar to the class systems in most MMORPGs. There are currently three Professions in-game, and they all provide different roles and abilities for combat, as well as Wizarding Challenges. You can choose to be either an Auror, a Magizoologist, or a Professor.

Each class has their own “Lessons” tab, which acts as a skill tree. You’ll collect different scrolls and books to unlock new abilities and spells for your Profession. For help while preparing to choose your Profession, you can read more on our Professions page.

General Tips

What to Avoid

Here is a list of tips for what NOT to do when playing Wizards Unite:

  1. Ingredients are super common spawns and will fill up your vault fast. Don’t just leave them in your vault! Actively manage your inventory, throwing away the common ingredients so when you actually find a rare ingredient you don’t have a full vault. Any potential rare ingredients you encounter would otherwise be lost if your vault is already full.

  2. Don’t enter a Fortress when you’re low on spell energy. As a general rule of thumb, you should try to go in with at least 30. If you run out of spell energy in a Wizarding Challenge, you’re forced to either leave or spend gold to buy more.

  3. Don’t use silver keys on 2km Portmanteaus. To get the most out of your keys (and gold), save them for the 5km and 10km ones.

  4. If you want to save data in the long-run, consider going into the settings tab (accessible from the Suitcase menu on the top left), and downloading all the assets while on a WiFi connection before using any mobile data.

  5. Don’t use your gold to pay money for the golden cauldron to brew more Potions. It isn’t really worth it, as you can just brew Potions overnight; when one finishes, the game will automatically start brewing the next.

Spell Energy

Learning how to make the most of your Spell Energy will make your overall experience much smoother. You can read a guide to this key mechanic of the game here.

Other Pro Tips

Our expert team of gaming house elves has compiled a list of several insights into the game in our Pro Tips guide. We promise no elves were harmed in the making of it, though one was heard complaining that she kept running out of Spell Energy too fast.

Where to Spend Gold

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite has a premium currency system, known as gold. As you play through the game, you can earn gold through quests or as rewards, or you can buy it with real money from Gringotts.

You spend the gold in the premium shop called ‘Diagon Alley’, which can be found by opening up the Suitcase menu icon, then clicking on the shopping basket in the top right corner.

Right now there are mainly cosmetics for your Portrait in the shop, so the only thing worth spending your money on for pure gameplay value is the vault extensions, which allow you to hold more spell energy, and add more storage slots to the Potions and Ingredients section.

You can buy the vault extensions for the potions, ingredients and spell energy separately, but you save a little gold buying the bundle. Unless you absolutely can't wait, there's some value in just waiting until you hit 475 gold to buy the vault extension bundle pack.

For further resources, you can consult our guide to the products available in Diagon Alley.

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