Fortress Combat and Wizarding Challenge Guide

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fortressAs discussed in the Overworld Map Guide, Fortresses are where Players actually experience the bulk of Wizards Unite Combat and complete Wizarding Challenges. They are easily visible on the Overworld Map. 

Tip: Players sometimes ask about a particle effect called 'Fortress glow'. If you see a glowing Fortress, it means someone is currently or recently has been engaged in a Wizarding Challenge at that Fortress. Look around; you might meet a fellow wizard!

Exploration and Challenge Foundables can be dropped in Fortress Raids.

Entering a Fortress Chamber Level

Each level of Fortress significantly increases in difficulty compared to the level before it. For example, a level 2 Chamber will be twice as difficult as it's level 1 counterpart.

Fortress Chambers cost a special resource called Runestones to enter. Runestones affect the Wizarding Challenge and rewards in a number of ways. When using a Runestone, which can vary from level 1 to level 10, the difficulty of the Challenge will be increased slightly. Plus, each Runestone belongs to a certain Family, which correspond to the Families in the Registry. Using a Runestone from a specific Family will determine what Registry Collection XP you get if you roll that particular reward. You may also end up with specific Foundables from that Family as a reward for completing the Wizarding Challenge. 

Playing with Friends vs. Playing Solo

There’s power in numbers, especially in harder levels. Enemies will often have advantages or disadvantages over a particular profession, so it’s good to go as a group where situational weakness can be compensated for. Playing in a group also offers a scaling bonus to XP gain for each additional player, up to 5. Last but not least, encountering more foes means more chances to get specific enemies needed for certain Event Tasks or SOS Assignment Tasks.

fortress enemy

Stat Details

When Filling out Profession Skill Trees, the stats Buffed directly affect gameplay, but the game does a poor job of elaborating on the specifics of each stat. 

  • Accuracy: The amount of increased accuracy a combatant has against evasive Foes.

  • Critical Power: The amount of additional damage done when landing a successful Critical Cast.

  • Defence: Defensive strength against Foes.

  • Defence Breach: The decrease a combatant does to their Foe's defence in combat.

  • Deficiency Defence: The increase in Defence when the combatant has a deficiency against that Foe.

  • Power: The amount of damage a combatant can inflict against Foes.

  • Precision: The chance a successful Spell Cast will result in a Critical Cast.

  • Proficiency Power: The increase in the damage done against Foes when the combatant has a Proficiency against that Foe.

  • Protego Power: The reduction in the damage taken by a combatant when Protego is successfully cast.

Charms and Hexes

Charms and Hexes are Spells gained from Profession Talent trees can be cast before going into a battle to give the Player an advantage or the Enemy a disadvantage during combat.

charms and hexes

Targeting for a Spell

Casting a Combat Spell first requires focusing on the Enemy by matching the Player’s Glyph over that of the Enemy’s for a certain amount of time. Some Enemies, like Pixies, move around a lot and can cause Players to miss their opportunity to attack and thus have to defend themselves against the Enemy with Protego.

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To aim your wand, you must click and drag over the wand on the bottom half of the screen, which will bring up an aiming reticule that must be aligned with the enemy's targeting circle.

Combat targeting


Protego is a fairly simple quick time event style Spell like the rest, but if it’s not performed fast enough, tons of Damage could be taken.

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The interesting thing about Fortress Raid Combat in Wizards Unite is that even if Protego is successfully cast, a small percentage of Damage will still be taken.


This further increases the need to stock up on Healing Potions before attempting the higher level Chambers.

Achieving a Critical Damage Bonus

Landing a Critical Hit is a combination of yet unknown RNG, following the Spell Glyph path by a certain percentage, and touching the red light along the way.

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Some Enemies can actually Dodge attacks to avoid taking Damage, and this seems to happen more frequently when they are low on Health.

How Combat Damage is Calculated

Calculation of damage considers multiple variables, including both the Player and Enemy stats, and can be affected by potion usage. A full explanation of the damage calculation for encounters can be found in the below guide!

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