Fortress Combat Guide

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fortressAs discussed in the Overworld Map Guide, Fortresses are where Players actually experience Combat and complete Challenges.

Exploration and Challenge Foundables can be dropped in Fortress Raids.

Entering a Fortress Chamber Level

Each level of Fortress significantly increases in difficulty compared to the level before it. For example, a level 2 Chamber will be twice as difficult as it’s level 1 counterpart.

Fortress Chambers will have a Runestone cost based on what Chamber level Players are entering. Level 1 Chambers will cost the Player a certain number of level 1 Runestones and level 2 Chambers will cost a certain number of level 2 Runestones.

Playing with Friends vs. Playing Solo

There’s power in numbers, especially in harder levels. Enemies will often have advantages or disadvantages over a particular profession, so it’s good to go as a group where situational weakness can be compensated for.

fortress enemy

Charms and Hexes

Charms and Hexes are Spells gained from Profession Talent trees can be cast before going into a battle to give the Player an advantage or the Enemy a disadvantage during combat.

charms and hexes

Focusing for a Spell

Casting a Combat Spell first requires focusing on the Enemy by matching the Player’s Glyph over that of the Enemy’s for a certain amount of time. Some Enemies, like Pixies, move around a lot and can cause Players to miss their opportunity to attack and thus have to defend themselves against the Enemy with Protego.

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Protego is a fairly simple quick time event style Spell like the rest, but if it’s not performed fast enough, tons of Damage could be taken.

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The interesting thing about Fortress Raid Combat in Wizards Unite is that even if Protego is successfully cast, a small percentage of Damage will still be taken.


This further increases the need to stock up on Healing Potions before attempting the higher level Chambers.

Achieving a Critical Damage Bonus

Landing a Critical Hit is a combination of yet unknown RNG, following the Spell Glyph path by a certain percentage, and touching the red light along the way.

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Some Enemies can actually Dodge attacks to avoid taking Damage, and this seems to happen more frequently when they are low on Health.