Overworld Map Guide

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Buildings and Checkpoints

There are currently 3 types of overworld checkpoints:

  • Greenhouse

  • Inn

  • Fortress


greenhouseThese checkpoints are strictly for gathering Ingredients for Potions and because of that, are the easiest places for consistent Ingredient resource gathering. Ingredients can also be found lying about the map, which is a less RNG dependent method of resource gathering.

In terms of Map density, they appear to be less common than Inns but more common than Fortresses.


This is the checkpoint type with the highest map density--which is good because it’s specifically for gathering Spell Energy. Every Spell use means the loss of a single Spell Energy point, so it’s important for Players to visit Inns as often as possible.

They come in at least 4 different types and the type of Inn seems to indicate high/low energy gain probabilities.


fortressFortresses are where Players actually experience Combat and complete Challenges. Unlike Pokemon Go Gyms where Trainers battle against Trainer-made Pokemon Teams, Fortresses are PVE with a multiplayer element.

Players can go to solo but since some Enemies are weaker to specific Professions, going through Fortresses in a group will lead to higher success rates in more difficult levels.


Trace Encounters

Trace Encounters are marked on the overworld map. This is wtracehere the majority of Exploration Foundables will be collected. The types of Trace Encounters are differentiated by their respective icon found in the Registry.

Dark Detectors can be placed around Inns in order to draw higher Threat Level Traces to the area. The Threat Level of a Trace Encounter can roughly be indicated by the color of the beacon rising from it. Trace Encounters with no beacon are fairly easy.


Trace Encounters can be found more frequently in Parks. Parks will be marked with a signpost bearing one of the Exploration Foundable icons.