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Article by Carley Quave
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The new information about data in the latest update to Harry Potter Wizards Unite was leaked to us by an anonymous contributor, which revealed some interesting implications for increased Player interactions in-game. 

Similar to Pokemon Go's Team Valor, Instinct, and Mystic, Players will be able to choose between Teams Hermione, Harry, and Ron and compete with the other Teams for control over a Fortresses. 

While there isn't a lot to go on just yet, but it seems like the control of a Fortress will be weighted by the amount of Floo Powder a Team contributes when initially taking over a Fortress. 

Fortress Control Level Floo Powder
1 0
2 30
3 70
4 150
5 300
6 600
7 1500

The amount of Floo Powder put on a Fortress has a decay rate of 2 points per 30 minutes.

It's unclear if this will make the Fortress untouchable to other Teams until the Floo Powder has fully decayed or if the amount of Floo Powder on a Fortress determines the DifficultyLevel for other Teams to battle through.

It's also unclear how Players will be able to gather Floo Powder--making it purchasable in Diagon Alley would increase the pay-to-play aspect of the game so hopefully, that won't be an option. What will likely happen is that Floo Powder will only be farmable in Fortresses, but it will be interesting to see how that is affected by a Fortress being controlled by your or other Teams. 

Only time will tell since this isn't even a live feature in the beta, but this definitely adds an exciting twist to what was previously considered to be a purely PVE mobile game. 

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