Wizards Unite Portkeys and Portmanteaus Guide

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Article by Carley Quave


There are 3 regular types of Portkeys and 1 type of Brilliant Event Portkey (from left to right) of varying walking distance--just like Eggs in Pokemon Go.

  • Prized Portkey Portmanteauteau - 2 km.

  • Precious Portkey Portmanteau - 5 km.

  • Paramount Portkey Portmanteau -10 km.

They can be found on the ground of the Overworld--same as Ingredients, but are not nearly as common.

In addition, during the Flora and Fauna Brilliant Event, special Brilliant Portkey Portmanteaus were available to be found. These special Portkeys had a distance requirement of 7 km, different from the regular ones. They also had unique Event-based rewards! It remains to be seen whether these Event Portkeys will be available during every Brilliant Event or only during specific times. Check back for updates!

While the Portmanteaus currently only hold Portkeys, the fact that the game specifies that these are Portkey Portmanteaus implies that future Portmanteau releases will have other Items.



There are 2 types of Keys:

  • Gold Key

  • Silver Key

Gold Keys can be used infinitely but only once at a time. Players only have access to a single Gold Key.

Silver Keys can be collected through unlocking Registry Treasure Chests and Diagon Alley. They can only be used once each.

NOTE: It’s best to use Golden keys on 2km Portmanteaus and save Silver Keys for the more valuable 5km and 10km Portmanteaus.

How to Use a Portkey

Since Portkeys involve purely AR environments, Players need phones with AR capabilities and a ~3x3 meter area of free space to move around in.

Players can only hold 8 Portmanteaus at a time, so it's good to cycle through them as quickly as possible to avoid missing out on the more rare drops. 

Within Portkey AR worlds, Players are tasked to find 5 Wrackspurts, which are represented by glowing orbs hidden throughout the AR environment. Players can mostly find Foundable Fragments, Ingredients, and EXP.

  • TIP: Don't forget - wrackspurts can be overhead, too! Rumor has it that wrackspurts in harder-to-find, less obvious spots give better rewards, but no proof has been found yet. 

Portkeys are mostly represented by Boots, but the other Portkey types will likely be available within a few weeks after launch, or slowly be added in.

NOTE: Don't forget to use Potions that affect Portkey gains like Baruffio's Brain Elixir before stepping into a Portkey AR environment. 

NOTE: Also, Portkeys do not require any Spell Energy to play, making them handy if you really need to get your fix of the game but have no access to Inns to refresh your Spell Energy.

Can't Activate Portkeys

Portkey not working? Many players have reported being unable to get Portkeys to properly activate. If you find that your Portkey is not working when you try to activate it, make sure that you're placing it properly. It sounds simple, but the AR controls can be somewhat disorienting. Line up the blue square of the Portkey entrance with an open, unobstructed 3x3 meter area. Then, make sure to aim the phone downwards so you can see the Portkey Boot on your screen in AR. If you tap the boot, the Portkey should be placed and activate the mini-AR game. 

Portkey Boot
Visible: The edge of the AR area (blue lines) as well as the Portkey boot. Tapping the boot will allow you to begin the Portkey minigame.

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