Wizards Unite: What We Know So Far - March 11, 2019

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On March 11, 2019, Niantic announced many details about their highly anticipated game, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. IGN and Eurogamer both had some time to play the game early, and a new page was uploaded to the Harry Potter: Wizards Unite website

HP: WU is an AR-based mobile game, like Pokemon GO and Ingress, that will allow users to interact with spells, potions, and monsters within the Harry Potter universe. 

Gameplay Details

AR World

  • Harry Potter-themed graphics overlayed over a real-world map, similar to Pokemon GO
  • Walk around your environment to interact with entities in the real world ("Traces")
  • Points of Interest transferred over from other Niantic games are turned into: 
    • Inns: Replenishes your "Spell Energy"
    • Greenhouse: Rewards ingredients for "Potions" that provide buffs
    • Fortresses: Contain high-level enemies that take a group to take down, similar to Pokemon GO Raids
  • Portals("Portkeys") to fictional places from the series can be placed in AR after walking a set distance 

Capture / Combat

  • Foundables are paired with a "Confoundable" that must be "defeated" in order to capture the Foundable
    • Example: Hippogriff Foundable has a "ball and chain" Counfoundable which must be removed
  • Spells are cast by lining up a "glyph" on your screen with a similar glyph placed in AR
  • After the glyph is lined up, a pattern must be drawn on the screen for the spell to fire
  • Players are graded on their accuracy and rewarded with "stickers"
    • After capturing enough stickers you are rewarded with the ability to "pose" with the Foundable in AR mode
  • Also rewarded with Runes
    • 10 categories of Runes
    • Grant access to Fortresses
    • Runes used on Fortresses impact what type of reward is received
  • Fortresses house "Wizarding Challenges" which are real-time battles against entities such as Dementors or Death Eaters that reward rare Foundables
    • Must be completed in a group (max 5 players)

Story / Character Development

  • Foundables will be logged in a Registry, similar to a Pokedex or Pokemon Storage
  • "The Calamity" has happened in the HP universe that has released many mysterious entities into the world ("artefacts, creatures, people, and even memories")
  • The player will join the Statute of Secrecy Task Force, part of the Ministry of Magic, to investigate
  • No cosmetic customization revealed at the moment
  • Players will be able to select one of three specializations(Auror, Magizoologist, Professor) each with a separate skill tree to customize your abilities

Release Info